Thomas Lehn, Richard Scott, Axel Dörner Orbit, Dialogue and Trajectory: Live in Berlin

Thomas Lehn, Richard Scott, Axel Dörner
Orbit, Dialogue and Trajectory: Live in Berlin
Sound Anatomy SA001

Release date: 1 December 2015

THOMAS LEHN – analogue synthesizer
RICHARD SCOTT – modular synthesizer
AXEL DÖRNER – trumpet

1. Orbit (Lehn/Scott/Dörner) 12’32”
2. Dialogue (Lehn/Scott) 19’08”
3. Trajectory (Lehn/Scott/Dörner) 12’48”

recorded live in concert on the 21st August 2014, at AUXXX in the Lichtblick Kino cellar, Berlin.

recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Scott
image by Philippa Jeffery
photo by Christian Zahn
design by Clarke Robinson

This album launches the Sound Anatomy imprint and captures a rare musical encounter between the remarkable trumpeter Axel Dörner in collaboration with two notable analogue synthesizer players: Thomas Lehn, who has carried the torch for the EMS Synthi analogue synth as a tool for free improvised experimentation for some 30 years, and Richard Scott, a very active presence on the Berlin modular synthesizer, electroacoustic and improvised music scenes. The combination is a natural one in which the musical division of labour is negotiated and renegotiated throughout. Lehn and Scott take a visceral and almost “acoustic” approach to their dials, wires and circuitry, while the influence of electronic music on Dörner’s own oeuvre is striking: the trumpet’s envelope shapes, low frequency oscillations and sustained, noise-laden textures seem inspired as much by musique concrete and tape music as they are by extended brass techniques.

Richard, Axel, ThomasWith no little humour, the original flier for the concert (part of the long-running AUXXX series) reads: “Two men with sinister-looking suitcases full of mysterious knobs and dials meet the tweed suited man-with-the-golden-horn one Thursday night in a cellar of a tiny East Berlin cinema… What could possibly happen next??? You will have to come to find out…” And indeed we may perceive something both cinematic and subterranean in this intense, atmospheric musical underworld. Sometimes we hear the surprising emergence of groove-like rhythmic patterns and harmonic incidents which do not entirely forget melody, though these are not elements the trio choose to hang onto for long, giving a sense of continuous unfolding and making us most curious about where this collaboration will lead in the future.

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