Rob Hordijk’s Blippoo Box, Benjolin and Active Matrix Mixer


The Blippoo is a fantastic little unconventional analogue synthesizer with a unique implementation of twin digital shift registers known as Runglers made by Rob Hordijk from The Hague in Holland who is one of the most creative analogue synthesizer designers in the world today. I also use his Benjolin, another Rungling synthesizer which is his offering to the DIY community and his Active Matrix Mixer. I am very happy to call Rob a friend and his instruments are a great inspiration to me. As well as being unique creative instruments the depth of research and thinking he puts into them is such they may be seen artworks or as compositions in their own right.

Rob Hordijk writes:

an audio sound generator that operates according to the principles of chaos theory. By designing the Blippoo Box, the artist attempts to bridge a crossover space between abstract (sonic) art, music and artistic craftsmanship. In the hands of performing musicians the Blippoo Box becomes an electronic music instrument that invites performers to improvise with the chaotic nature of the box. Despite this chaotic behavior, the produced sounds have particular characteristics that are roughly predictable and enable a performer to build a performance around a composed scheme.

My Introduction to the Blippoo

Crazy Blippoo duet with my friend Rastko

Blippoo Box Duet from Rastko Lazic on Vimeo.

And below a video of the Blippoo speaking with another of Rob’s instruments, The Benjolin”>

And Rob’s handy Active Matrix Mixer:

A couple of older Blippoo pieces.

Rob Hordijk Blippoo Box solo by funkychorlton

The second uses Moogerfooger modules too

Blippoo by funkychorlton

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