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Short Biog (CV Below)

Richard Scott is an electroacoustic composer and free improviser living in Berlin working with analogue modular synthesizers and alternative controllers such as the Buchla Thunder and Lightning and his own self-designed WiGi infra red controller developed at STEIM, Amsterdam. He has been composing and performing improvised music for over 25 years, producing, performing and recording with artists such as Evan Parker, Twinkle³, Edward Barton, Clive Bell, Olaf Rupp, David Ross and Grutronic. He studied improvisation with John Stevens, saxophone with Elton Dean and Steve Lacy, action theatre improvisation with Sten Rudstrom and electroacoustic composition with David Berezan and Ricardo Climent.

His work has been featured on BBC Radio 3 and 4, International Computer Music Conference, London Jazz Festival, BEAM, Bratislava NEXT Festival of Advanced Music, SARC Sonorities Belfast, Berlin Interaktion Improvised Music Festival and MANTIS Electroacoustic Music Festival, Manchester. He is a long term artistic resident at STEIM in Amsterdam, sometimes a Lecturer in Music at Lancaster University and co-curator of two underground experimental, improvised and electronic concert series in Berlin: AUXXX Berlin and Basic Electricity.

Dr. Richard Scott : Curriculum Vitae, June 2012

I am a composer, performer, lecturer and recording engineer working in many areas of music. I currently lecture on undergraduate BA Hons. course units in Audio Theory, Music Technology and Studio Practice at Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (University of Lancaster). I hold a Doctorate from the University of London for my sociological analysis of musical improvisation. In 2010 I completed an MMus (with Distinction) in Electroacoustic Music Composition at NOVARS, Manchester University.
In my current teaching position I have the responsibility for creating and delivering undergraduate degree courses in Audio and Sound Theory and Studio Practice, including creating and marking assignments and examinations. Subjects include acoustics and hearing, analogue and digital signals, the recording and production chain, recording, mixing and remixing. Specific course contents includes tuition in Pro Tools and Logic Pro, analogue and digital audio processing, the history and use of microphones, analogue desks and patch bays, the use of hybrid analogue/digital studios, and recording and mixing assignments including acoustic guitar, wind instruments, voice, piano and chamber ensemble.

I have a great deal of experience and interest in working in cross-media, multimedia platforms, especially in the area of performance. I studied with teachers such as John Stevens, Julyen Hamilton, Jos Houben and Sten Rudstrom and taught improvisation and performances skills to musicians, dancer and actors. In the past decade I have been musician in residence as various international dance festivals, including several years at Ponderosa Berlin, Freiburg and Göttingen Contact Dance Improvisation festivals. I studied Action Theatre (a physical theatre improvisation training method) for several years, including intensive courses with Sten Rudstrom and Ruth Zapora. Between 2002 and 2008 I taught improvisation and performance skills to mixed groups of musicians, dancer and actors at Compagnie Songes in France, FIM (Festival of Multidisciplinary Improvisation) in Bilbao, Spain. I am also a qualified and active Bowen technique practitioner with a great deal of experience or somatic work with dancers, musicians and other performers.

Since 2008 I have been a research resident at STEIM, Amsterdam developing infrared interactive performance technologies. My work includes analogue and digital synthesis and processing using Max MSP, JunXion, LiSa, Ableton Live, Serge Modular and Buchla Thunder and Lightning midi controllers. Since 2010 I have begun to present and publish my research at conferences and symposia such as the International Computer Music Conference, the Canadian Electro-Acoustic Music Journal and the Belfast Sound Arts Research Centre (SARC) and in a chapter for a forthcoming book about improvisation for Cambridge Scholars Press. I have had my compositions played on BBC Radio 3 and 4 and at international festivals such Future Everything, BEAM, London Jazz festival, Interaktionen (Austria), Manchester Jazz Festival and the Bratislava Next Festival for Advanced Music.

In parallel with my own creative work I have worked as a recording engineer and producer for 20 years, especially in the areas of jazz, improvised, electroacoustic and electronic music recording, producing and/or mastering projects for companies including PSI, Kwan Yin, Inu.itu, sruti BOX, GRP Impulse, Isisongs, Discus, Fantastic Plastic and Metier Records.

As you see, I do not like to write about myself in the third person.

Qualifications and Training
Doctorate: PhD from London University (Sociology of Music) 1993
Masters: Mus.M. Electroacoustic Music (Distinction), University of Manchester 2010
Bachelors: BSc (Hons.) in Sociology from London School of Economics 1986
Higher National Diploma: Jazz Theory and Musicianship, South Manchester College 1999
Ordinary National Diploma: Sound Engineering and Studio Production, South Manchester College 1995

Employment History
January 2011 to present: Part-time lecturer on undergraduate courses on Sound and Audio Theory and Studio Technique at Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, University of Lancaster.
June 2008 to present: Artistic Resident at STEIM, Amsterdam (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music) developing infrared technologies.
2006 to present: I worked in Manchester, Amsterdam and Berlin, composing, performing and producing, and researching interactive performance technologies. Musician in Residence at various international festivals.
2003 to 2011: I ran Audience, an independent studio and production company in Manchester, recording and producing a wide variety of electronic and acoustic projects, including music for TV and film, theatre and dance.
1988 to 2002: Journalist reviewing Jazz, free improvisation, African, Asian, Drum and Bass, Experimental and Contemporary music for The Wire, Q, Time Out and BBC World Service.
1999 to 2002: University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology post-doctoral Research Associate analysing Strategy and Creativity. Working with UK government and the managements of major UK financial services institutions.
1993 to 1999: Founded sruti BOX record label releasing jazz, improvised and experimental music.
1991 to 1993: London Musician’s Collective (LMC) Administrator with responsibility for concert programming, organisation and marketing

Selected Compositions and Recordings
November 2012 A Short History of Stuttering. Prizewinner. UK 60×60 Mix 2012 composition competition.
September 2011 Together in Zero Space, Grutronic and Evan Parker, PSI Recordings.
Oct 2010 Resonating Bodies MANTIS Electroacoustic Music Festival, Manchester, 46-channel speaker diffusion (acousmatic).
Feb 2010 Ghosts of the Gamecock, MANTIS Electroacoustic Music Festival, Manchester, 46 channel speaker diffusion (acousmatic).
2009 Essex Foam Party, Grutronic, PSI Recordings (electroacoustic free improvisation).
2009 Let’s Make a Solar System, Twinkle3, Inu.itu records (electroacoustic).
2009 Long Shore Drift, with David Ross, (ambient/experimental).
2007 Wood Wind Tide, electroacoustic album of duets with shakuhachi with Clive Bell, Kwan Yin Records.
2002 One Hundred Love Songs, soprano saxophone solos by Richard Scott, sruti BOX Records.
1998 Secrets, Spellbound, Earthtones EP (drum and bass).
1995 The Creator has a Master-plan, (Strangebrew remix), Pharaoh Sanders, GRP/Impulse (jazz/breakbeat)
1992 The Magnificence of Stereo, Richard Scott with Rex Casswell, sruti BOX (plunderphonic, electroacoustic)

Papers and Publications

“The Beauty of Forgetting: predetermination, time and spontaneity in programming for electroacoustic composition and improvisation” Paper. From Tape to Tydef Symposium, Sheffield University Jan 2013

“Intimacy, Interaction and Improvisational Technologies” – paper Leeds International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition. December 2012

“Improvisation and Nothing: from the politics of escape to a bastard-science” – journal article. Act – Zeitschrift für Musik & Performance. Der Universität Bayreuth (forthcoming 2013)

“The Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Molecular Improvisation and Technology” (chapter) Cambridge Scholars Press (2013)

“Artaud’s Snake: gesture, time and play – a composer’s report on the use and development of the WiGI infra-red wireless gestural system” International Computer Music Conference Proceedings (2011)

“Getting WiGI with it” CEC Canadian Electroacoustic Community journal Article about the development of my wireless infrared gestural instruments (2010)

“Interactivity versus infinite memory: reflections emerging from the development of gestural technologies for free improvisation” Two Thousand + TEN Symposium, SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre) Belfast (2010)

Selected Performances
March 2013. Bascovo. Richard Barrett/Richard Scott/Michael Vorfeld trio. Ausland, Berlin.
Jan 2013. From Tape to Tydef Symposium, Sheffield University. Several Circles. Acousmatic diffusion.
December 2012. Ghosts of the Gamecock (acousmatic multichannel diffusion) Leeds International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition.
December 2012. WiGI solo performance. Leeds International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition
June 2012. WiGI performance and presentation. BEAM Festival. London Brunel University.
August 2011. International Computer Music Conference: Strike One by Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble.
May 2011. Future Everything, Manchester Solo 4: solo laptop set.
November 2010. Sonorities Festival, SARC, Belfast: Call Them Improvisers! Ensemble directed by Evan Parker.
April 2010. Blurred Edges Contemporary Music Festival, Hamburg duet with Gustavo Aguilar.
December 2009. Next Festival of Advanced Music, Bratislava: Grutronic and Evan Parker.
March 2009. Interaktion Festival Of Improvised Music, Berlin.
May 2008. STEIM/Mediamatic, Amsterdam: performance with Marc Chia/One Man Nation.
Nov 2005. London Jazz Festival: with Grutronic and Clive Bell.
July 2006. Konfrontationen Festival Nickelsdorf, Austria: with Grutronic.
June 1998. Guinness Jazz and Blues Festival Dublin: with Mr Scruff/Eardrum.

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