Interviews with Improvising Musicians

These interviews were made in the late 1980s and early 1990s mostly as research for my PhD. thesis, some were also published in different versions in The Wire magazine. Personally I can’t stand reading Q&A interviews and so, largely inspired by Tony Parker’s remarkable interview work, I edited out my questions wherever possible, attempting to give as much space for the individual voices of the interviewees as I could. I think this enhances their readability.

Despite the fact that over 20 years has passed since I recorded and transcribed these interviews I think they are still of interest. Individually all are absorbing enough, but taken together they reveal debates, concords and discords which capture a great deal about free improvisation in the 1980s and still now.

Although the interviewees all gave their explicit permission for academic publication at the time, that was a long time ago and obviously a different kind of publication. So if anyone concerned is uncomfortable with this material being publicly available in the digital public domain please do contact me with the contact button here or via richard (at) chorlton (dot) com

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