Hiss and Viscera by Audrey Chen & Richard Scott

Audrey Chen & Richard Scott
Hiss and Viscera
Sound Anatomy SA004

RICHARD SCOTT – modular synthesizer

1. chimaera
2. hiss and viscera
3. tonguefish
4. cascade creatures
5. they’re always throwing in the air
6. anthozoa
7. my heidegger
8. barrel eye
9. that’s a moray

recorded in Berlin, 2 August 2015
recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Scott
image by Philippa Jeffery
design by Clarke Robinson

Richard and Audrey“Hiss and Viscera” is Sound Anatomy’s fourth album release and presents a striking debut recording from two highly distinctive voices in the richly varied Berlin improvising scene. On the face of it the human voice and analogue synthesizer may appear to have little in common but Chen and Scott share an intuitive, corporeal and dynamic sound world out of which an intense and sustained musical conversation develops. Phrases and interjections bounce and ricochet between Chen’s vivid lexicon of glottal pops, rasps and expulsions and Scott’s exhaustive catalogue of electronic clangs, plosives and propulsions. The resultant musical conversation may not always seem entirely human in origin, conjuring sonic images of stories, languages and environments populated by many unearthly creatures, real or

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