Selected Performances

July 2010, Manchester Jazz Festival, Lightning Ensemble with Stephen Grew and Phillip Marks
June 2010, MANTIS in Motion, Green Room, Manchester, solo performance
April 2010, Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg: duet with Gustavo Aguilar
April/March 2010, Berlin concerts with Olaf Rupp, and Gustavo Aguilar
March 2010, Cross Street Chapel, Lightning Ensemble with Stephen Grew, Phillip Marks and Evan Parker
March 2010, Berlin concerts with Micheal Vorfeld, Rebekka Uhlig and Alfredo Genovesi
Feb 2010, Onomatopoeia composition for string quartet, flute, clarinet and live electronics, Raise Your Voice ensemble, Manchester
Feb 2010, Ghosts of the Gamecock, MANTIS Electroacoustic Music Festival, Manchester, 46 channel speaker diffusion (acousmatic)
Dec 2009, Next Festival of Advanced Music, Bratislava: Grutronic with Evan Parker
Oct 2009, Language Studies, MANTIS Electroacoustic Music Festival, Manchester, 46 channel speaker diffusion (acousmatic)
March 2009, Interaktion Festival Of Improvised Music, Berlin: duet with Rebekka Uhlig
Dec 2008, COMA Gallery, Berlin: “IR” Trio with Gustavo Aguilar and Adam Linson
May 2008, STEIM/Mediamatic, Amsterdam: duet with Marc Chia/One Man Nation
September 2007, performance series in Bilbao, Spain with Katy Duck, Mary Oliver and Magpie Dance Company
July 2006, Konfrontationen Festival Nickelsdorf, Austria: with Grutronic and Evan Parker
Nov 2005, London Jazz Festival: with Grutronic and Clive Bell
June 1998 , Guinness Jazz and Blues Festival Dublin: with Mr Scruff/Eardrum
May 1998, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, New Music Festival: saxophone solo
Nov 2001, New Music North West, Lancaster and Manchester: Boomdoctor with Mervyn Afrika
1997 – 1999 Band on the Wall, Manchester: residency with Spellbound
June 1996, Band on the Wall, Manchester, with Creative Music Orchestra and Stephen Grew
June 1994, LMC Festival, London: solo, and duet with Clive Bell
June 1993, LMC Festival, London with Stock, Hausen and Walkman
Sept 1992, Pool Festival of Improvised Music: Manchester: trio with Derek Bailey, David Ross and Rex Casswell

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