Concert Recordings

Videos and recording from concerts, one-off events etc…

Call them Improvisors, directed by Evan Parker. Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music 2010. Sonic Arts Research Centre

Dulcimer Manchester 15/12/2012 Blippoo Box and Bugbrand Weevil solo followed by WiGI

a spontaneous and wiggly trio of two contra-basses and Rob Hordijk analogue synthesizers recorded live at the Auxxx Club Berlin 2 March 2011 featuring Clayton Thomas, Klaus Janek (basses) and Richard Scott (electronics)

A live improvisation recorded at the MANTIS festival at Islington Mill Studios, Manchester 06/03/2011 featuring a Bugbrand analogue modular synthesizer and ableton live (running various samples of my serge and wiard modular synthesizers and tracks from The Magnificence of Stereo and Wood Wind Tide) and Korg Kaoss pad.

After years of concentrating on group improvising and solo studio composition I have recently been exploring the possibilty of playing solo in the last year with several short concerts in Manchester, The Hague and Berlin. I played solo saxophone concerts previously and that is really solo – nowhere to hide. Playing solo with a synthesizer and especially with a computer is really different thing because the machinery makes so many proposals of its own. In some way you always have a band with you, you just have to listen to them. I feel its its about listening and letting time speak through the music – my own ideas of what I want to do are always inferior to what time gives me. In the heat of the moment with ones ego out there on display it isn’t always easy to remember that.

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