Atlas of Bells


Atlas of Bells, from 2005, is an electronic/acousmatic work in 7 pieces, based on analogue and digital modular synthesis and digital sound processing plus one field recording. It is an extended composition in the form of a suite, all the pieces explore a similar soundworld but lead to different sensations and conclusions. The pieces collectively derive from an image of resonating sound as a source of passage between different states and colours of being. Of course, there are no actual bells in the piece.

Docdic records.

The suite comes from some very clear images I had of the earth as a resonating body. The symbolism of bells is very old in both eastern and western cultures as if resonating metal implies some kind of universal spirit and connectedness. The piece represents a kind of sonic weather system, moving between continents, connecting people and things, making lines between earth, water and heaven. Each piece has its own climate, something stronger than an atmosphere – like cloud strata, existing at different levels with different kind of pressure – apparently structureless and unconnected but together forming an overall living system.

(How you do it is of course up to you, but the piece was intended to be listened to at night in complete darkness.)

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